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We are asking a few of our key partners to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our work. By becoming a fundraiser for PEN & NAPKIN, you will help more families transition out of homelessness into fully furnished homes while also helping your friends feel good about doing good.

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With your help we can ensure the success of their transition and end the homeless experience in their life forever.

The Davis Family Bio

Growing up in East LA Crenshaw District, Nisha was the eldest of 5 siblings. Her Mother left her father when his association with a local gang in Chicago left their house punctured by drive-by bullets. The sight of a bullet hole inches above her baby's crib was all it took for her to grab the kids and take off to California to live with family. Nisha's mom wanted to be a teacher and spent her days working full time and went to school at night to get her credential. Nisha stayed home and raised her siblings so her mom could graduate. Nisha never had the chance to go to school and found herself struggling to make ends meet when she moved out on her own. She was desperate for money and found herself in the middle of a check fraud investigation. She deposited 1 bad check and was busted and served 6 months in county jail. She watched as the same girls flew in and out of jail and promised herself when she got out that she wouldn't be a jail bird like them.

She served her time, head down and counted the days to be back at home. When her time was served she wanted to start over and do things on her own, she didn't want to be a burden to her family. She moved into a shelter and lived there for a little while. She found a job and met a man she thought was the one. Turns out he was heavily involved in identify theft and was constantly in and out of jail. Nisha left him when she found out she was pregnant and raised Ari for two years on her own. One day she met a single dad with 3 of his own kids. He was responsible, kind and loyal. They fell in love. EJ took in Ari as his own and the Davis family was formed. They lived in a very small apartment for a little while but the time had come to get a bigger place, they found a home and got their moving notice from the apartment, it all seemed like perfect timing until the home fell through and they were left homeless.

Things were not easy...they found themselves running out of money living at motels. So they started staying with family. Nisha and EJ slept in the car many nights so their kids could spend the night at friends homes. Then Nisha came across a craigslist add for a rental in Lancaster. It seemed too good to be true so EJ & Nisha took a drive to check it out together. It was perfect. A small 4 bedroom house with a big backyard. The kids were excited. They moved in right before Christmas, but still didn't have any furniture. That was when they reached out to Pen + Napkin.

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